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Gregory J Tarantola DDS

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Dr. T is constantly looking for and researching natural products that strengthen teeth, prevent cavities and even heal/reverse cavities. He came upon Medicinal Foods founded by Sky Kubby and based in Keaau, Hawaii.  Sky overcame chronic disease using foods and herbs as natural medicine. Using what he learned from Dr. Westin Price, he has developed amazing natural dental/oral products that can help you overcome cavity problems. All these products have been used by and tested by Dr T personally. NOTE:Not all these products are available on Amazon - some are only available thru their site. Clicking the image will bring you to the site with the best price.

Dentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor

Very popular product - may take 7-10 days to get - worth the wait!!

Dentite Tooth Armor, Cavity Healing and Enamel Refurbishing. Revitalize your smile, heal cavities naturally with an advanced cavity healing and enamel refurbishing solution. Say goodbye to tooth troubles and hello to a brighter, healthier grin. Elevate your oral care, order Dentite today! 

  • SUPPORTS: Cavity Healing and Tooth Remineralization
  • FEEL the squeaky, smooth tooth armor after your 1st application
  • NANO-HYDROXYAPATITE: To remineralize dental caries, refurbish tooth enamel & reduce sensitivity
  • NANO SILVER: Targets bad bacteria while leaving healthy flora alone.
  • THEOBROMINE: extracted from Cacao, Expands protective Apatite crystals in Tooth Enamel by 4X
Cavity Healing Theobromine Toothpaste

Discover the future of oral care with Cavity Healing Theobromine Toothpaste. Formulated with theobromine, a natural compound found in cacao, this toothpaste promotes enamel remineralization and cavity repair. Say goodbye to dental woes and hello to a brighter, healthier smile. Try Cavity Healing Theobromine Toothpaste for optimal oral health.

  • Theodent is one of the greatest innovations in oral care of the century
  • Contains natural Rennou™ derived from Cacao
  • Rennou is a non-toxic protector, an alternative to fluoride
  • Safe for whole family; not harmful if swallowed
  • With THEOBROMINE- Protects teeth 4x more than fluoride and is non-toxic!
  • Whitening action with "Crystal Mint" flavor
Nano Silver Toothpaste

Unveil a new standard of oral care with Silver Biotics SilverSol Tooth Gel, a product that transcends typical toothpaste. Its exceptional efficacy is validated by its ability to combat a broad spectrum of mouth bacteria, leaving you with a refreshed start to your day, minus the unpleasant “slime coat.” What sets it apart further is its formula free from fluoride, parabens, SLS, and artificial colors, ensuring a gentle yet effective approach to oral health. The Triple Action Formula showcases the groundbreaking Patented SilverSol® Technology, USP-verified xylitol, and 100% pure, natural, therapeutic-grade organic peppermint oil, making it a revolutionary choice for your dental care regimen. Make the shift to Silver Biotics SilverSol Tooth Gel now and experience a whole new level of oral hygiene. Your smile will reflect the difference.

  • Silver Biotics SilverSol Tooth Gel kills every mouth bacteria it has been tested on
  • Wake up fresh, without the morning "slime coat"
  • Free of fluoride, parabens, SLS, artificial colors, and is non-abrasive
  • Patented SilverSol® Technology, USP verified xylitol
  • 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade organic peppermint oil
Gumtite Ozonated Oil Pulling

Read the infosheet on oil pulling HERE

Read the OZONE info sheet HERE

Discover the revitalizing power of Gumtite, your ultimate ozonated oil pulling solution! Infused with ozone, this premium blend of oils combats plaque and bacteria, promoting gum health. Bid farewell to gum disease as Gumtite aids in healing tooth decay and stopping bleeding, receding gums. Experience the detoxifying freshness of ozone today! Start oil pulling today for healthier gums with Gumtite!

  • Oil Pulling: Ozone is infused into a blend of oils to target plaque and bacteria.
  • Natural Gum Health: Discover the path to gum health the way nature intended.
  • Correct gum problems with our premium ozonated oil treatment.
  • Plaque-Busting Blend: Ozone-infused oils specifically target plaque and harmful bacteria.
  • Regular use aids in combating harmful bacteria/ inflammation, addressing the root causes
  • Healthy, tingly-fresh gums! Use OIl-Pulling to detox the entire body!
Cavity Healing, Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil Blend.

Read the info sheet on the benefits of Vitamin K2 HERE


Cavity Healing Naturally, Fermented Cod Liver Oil with added Concentrated Butter Oil from pure cow’s milk. Cavity healing is real, here is your ultimate solution for cavity healing and overall oral health. Packed with the combined benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Concentrated Butter Oil from pure cow’s milk, extracted and concentrated through centrifugation, this product is a powerhouse of essential nutrients.

FCLO Butter is a rich source of fat-soluble vitamins, particularly Vitamin D, which is essential for building strong teeth and bones, making it a key player in cavity healing. It also boasts anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent gingivitis, keeping your gums healthy and pain-free.

  • Best Source of Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • This HVBO is not heated; oil extracted with centrifugation
  • More nutrients than Ghee
  • Pure, clean and nutrient rich, sacred food
  • Great for Teeth, Bones, Skin and Hair
  • Made from 100% Grass-fed Cow's Milk
Cavity Healing “X-Factor” Butter Oil Capsules

Elevate your oral health with Cavity Healing “X-Factor” Butter Oil. Packed with the extraordinary X-Factor, this pure and concentrated butter oil from cow’s milk is a natural marvel. It promotes cavity healing, strengthens teeth, and enhances overall oral well-being. Unlock the power of “X-Factor” Butter Oil for a healthier, more radiant smile.. Order this Cavity Healing X-FACTOR – Green Pasture Butter Oil – 6.4 OZ today!

  • High vitamin butter oil is the Best Source of Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • This HVBO is not heated; oil extracted with centrifugation
  • More nutrients than Ghee
  • Pure, clean and nutrient rich, sacred food
  • Great for Teeth, Bones, Skin and Hair
  • Made from 100% Grass-fed Cow's Milk